Pomerleau’s history is, first and foremost, one of strong family values and a solid work ethic, infused with an entrepreneurial spirit. It’s a story of growth and evolution, propelling this little company from Beauce, QC, into the coast-to-coast construction leader it has become.

Today, our slogan is Shaping the Future. Every year, we welcome hundreds of student interns and reward the best ones at our Excellence Gala. Why? Because we believe shaping the future requires supporting students and young engineers, who are destined to do extraordinary things and make our world a better place, to reach their maximum potential.

At Pomerleau, we are constantly looking for opportunities to recognize and celebrate their achievements. We are proud to partner with the Fondation de l’Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec (FOIQ) and offer the first-ever POMERLEAU Award of Merit for Entrepreneurship. This $10,000 award serves to encourage the next generation of enterprising engineers to go further. We can’t wait to award it to a deserving recipient during the FOIQ’s scholarship ceremony on April 28,2022. Will that be you?

On May 30, during its annual general meeting, the Foundation welcomed engineers Chaïma ben Miloud, Blaise Mounga, Fatou Pompilus-Touré and Pierre Sauvé to the Board. We wish them well and look forward to the energy and diligence we know they will bring to the Foundation. To meet all the members of the Board, click here.

The infrastructure team at CIMA+ has a keen understanding of the value of water. Our dedicated water professionals deal with issues every day that impact our communities and their relationship with water. We know that providing access to a reliable source of water and maintaining the infrastructure that delivers it is a challenge for many communities throughout Canada. Larger cities may have access to a greater tax base and advanced asset management systems, but they are also tasked with maintaining vast, complex, and aging infrastructure networks. Meanwhile, smaller remote communities across our country are faced with so many competing priorities, which makes it very difficult to address their infrastructure challenges with the limited funds they have available. We have learned from speaking to people in the communities we serve that the value of water is so much more than the initial capital cost of building a water treatment plant or distribution system. The value of water is measured through the impact it has on the health, welfare, and prosperity of the community. Understanding this enables us to help communities thrive.

The following stories demonstrate our commitment to respect the value of water by providing reasonable and reliable solutions to their infrastructure challenges.

EXP makes it a top priority to get involved and commit to Quebec’s next generation of engineers. In order to encourage and recognize their efforts, this consulting engineering firm has partnered with the Fondation de l’Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec (FOIQ)  to offer the EXP University Scholarship. Intended to support students in pursuing their studies, the $3000 dollar sponsorship will be announced and awarded to a deserving recipient during the FOIQ’s scholarship ceremony on April 28.

Quebec’s current engineers can support generations to come and create a powerful legacy by sponsoring up-and-coming professionals in their field.  Through donations and scholarships in CEGEPs and universities across Quebec, EXP advocates for the profession and contributes to kick-starting careers. In fact, many students join EXP as interns, with several moving on to enjoy successful careers within the company, after graduation.

And EXP’s involvement doesn’t stop there. Engineers from EXP assist the student community, by sharing hands-on knowledge and experience in engineering programs at the university or CEGEP levels. Some are inspired to help young girls choose an engineering career, while others become ambassadors of the profession, through mentorship for junior engineers and encouraging youth to explore the field. No matter how they choose to inspire and support the next generation, EXP engineers do so with heart, passion and deep respect for the profession.



About EXP

With a mission to understand, innovate, partner and deliver, EXP provides engineering, architecture, design and consulting services to the world’s built and natural environments. Our heritage dates back to 1906, when the earliest of EXP’s predecessor companies started its engineering infrastructure practice.

Our vision is to deliver exponential possibilities for our clients, employees and communities. To achieve this, we’ve built a committed, experienced team that continuously surpasses service levels and expectations through its personalized, innovative solutions.

Stimulating projects, flexibility, innovation, collaboration, sustainable development, diversity + inclusion… These are but some of the many factors that motivate thousands of dynamic, talented and committed individuals to pursue careers at EXP, in North America. Our engineering consulting firm combines passion and expertise to ensure the success of projects around the world, and our teams are proud to be a part of that.


Mon EXPérience – our employees describe what it’s like to work at EXP
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Le mentorat chez EXP
Gaétan Couture, Mentor de l’année 2020 aux Grands Prix du génie-conseil québécois de l’AFG
Notre expertise et quelques exemples de projets d’envergure réalisés par nos équipes

Three 2019 recipients talk about the impact of their FOIQ Scholarships on their futures. They are very proud, and so are we. This year it could be you. Apply for a scholarship here.

Good luck!



Because of weather conditions and time constraints, two different technologies were applied on the 3.4 km structure: heat-welded membranes made of SBS polymer modified bitumen (ANTIROCK line) and polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) membrane (ALSAN CIVIL line). Snow and rain showers restricted the application of the ANTIROCK products. SOPREMA therefore suggested another technology that was better suited to the site’s weather conditions: ALSAN CIVIL P70 primer and ALSAN CIVIL 773 waterproofing membrane, two PMMAbased products. The liquid membrane, manufactured in Québec, can be sprayed even in cold weather, which considerably speeds up execution. In addition to drying very quickly, it can be applied on irregular surfaces, unlike other technologies.

To view the full case study: https://blog.soprema.ca/en/samuel-de-champlain-bridge-case-study

This year, the Foundation lent its support to Génium360’s Inventer le monde de demain contest, in the Next Generation category. Audrey-Anne Ally, with a project called Serfix, won the $3,500 scholarship offered by the FOIQ.

Results of the 2020 Hats Off to You! contest 

For the second year, the Foundation participated in the Hats Off to You! contest, awarding two prizes of $2,000 each to students who took extraordinary action to promote engineering among young women. “The Fondation de l’Ordre des ingénieurs has worked to promote engineering among women for years. Our team considers it to be essential, and today we are proud to present our 2020 award recipients,” announced Radouan Torkmani, vice-president of the foundation. The foundation has every intention of awarding these two prizes again next year. Until then, hats off!  

Inspiring Engineers prizes
Excellence in Science

Fondation de l’Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec

rystel Grégoire received a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from ETS in the summer of 2019. She completed her final internship at Averna Technologies where, highly satisfied with her work, they decided to keep her on as an Automation Specialist. “I also started a master’s in machine learning (a field I am incredibly passionate about) at the Université de Montréal last fall. In addition, I am working on a technology project in the area of health with a friend I met at ETS. We are hoping to be able to integrate it with Centech. I am proud of what I’ve accomplished and am very much looking forward to finding out what the future holds for me,” Crystel asserts. We are very proud of her too, and we will be staying in touch. Congratulations, Crystel!

Vincent Nadon now holds a stimulating role in engineering within the security industry (ultrasonic device for electronic counter-surveillance). After completing his doctorate with distinction, he accepted a position at Santor. It’s a job he loves, and is proud of. 

Vincent also recently learned that his first ever patent, initially submitted over six years ago, has just been accepted by the USPTO. Persistence always pays off!  

Thank you for sharing your news with us, Vincent, and good luck with all that the future holds!

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