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The Fondation de l’Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec is pleased to announce a new partnership with Viking Fire Protection, one of the most highly respected companies in its field in Canada, with a presence in 14 major cities across the country and achievements around the world. The Ville Saint-Laurent company will present the New Generation “Coup de cœur” University Scholarship of the FOIQ for three years, from 2019 to 2021.

Viking, its team and the involvement of it engineers

Viking is first and foremost a team made up of highly qualified engineers, working in close collaboration with diverse specialists from the field of fire protection – project managers, fire protection pipefitters, specialized technicians and seasoned sales representatives.

Viking’s strength is in its team, something its leaders have always understood. Though every team member plays a role in the company’s success, Viking has unquestionably been marked by the contribution of its engineers, in whom it has always placed great faith. They have actively contributed to regulatory compliance, the improvement of processes and, thanks to a sustained R&D program, the advancement of technology and the development of custom systems to save the lives and protect the property of the company’s customers.

Over the years, Viking engineers have held diverse roles within the company and contributed significantly to the organizational and technical aspects of the entire organization. “Fire protection is a very particular field that encapsulates multiple engineering disciplines. Since only Carleton University in Ottawa teaches fire protection, our engineers need to learn the standards and rules from the industry itself. Of course, basic training in engineering allows engineers to quickly absorb the particulars of structural fire protection,” explains company president Jean-Pierre Asselin.


Supporting the next generation with the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec Foundation: A meaningful gesture and an investment in a new generation in fire protection

Viking manages every aspect of fire protection – sales, design, construction, installation, inspections and service. Its engineers are involved every step of the way. The company’s greatest challenge is access to a specialized workforce. “One day we’d like to see fire protection become a core part of engineering programs. Saving people’s lives and property is our mission and we believe this should be a priority for all engineers. That’s why we’ve chosen to get involved with the Fondation de l’Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec,” asserts Jean-Pierre Asselin. “This partnership is a win for everyone. We get to support young people in Quebec, and in exchange engineering students will have the chance to get to know us and our field of expertise.”

Fire protection:

A world of opportunity for young engineers

An engineer for 45 years, Robert Lapierre has contributed to the success and leadership of Viking Fire Protection for decades. “Choosing engineering is one thing. Choosing a field where you’ll be able to grow, to make a difference, is something else altogether,” he asserts. According to him, for a young engineer with a good sense of initiative, who isn’t afraid to push hard and knows how to work in a team, the field of fire protection is perfect. “There is so much to do in fire protection. The industry is evolving with society’s needs, needs that are becoming more and more varied and complex, needs that have to respond to projects that can sometimes be enormous and extremely surprising.”

Partnering with the FOIQ is a win-win and Viking understands that. While generously supporting the next generation, the company will introduce young engineers to its field, which holds so much opportunity.

The FOIQ thanks Viking for its generous support of Quebec’s young engineers and for its vision for the future. To learn more about Viking, visit www.vikingfire.ca.

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